"If you chase two rabbits, you won't catch either."

We get asked this question a lot! Our name comes from the above Japanese proverb. It is a reminder to ourselves to pursue one thing, and pursue it well.


Our brewing is inspired by both European tradition, and the pioneering spirit of the new world brewers from Australia, New Zealand, and the US. We believe that variety is the spice of life, and we have set out to make a variety of beers that not only challenge our brewing team, but also provide our customers with a range of styles and flavours to enjoy throughout the year. We are passionate about introducing craft beer to a wider audience, and it is our hope that through our efforts everyone will be able to find “their” beer to enjoy. This is one of our company’s mottos: beer for everyone.

Our head brewer and co-founder Sean is from Australia with a strong family history on both sides of the Tasman Sea (Australia and New Zealand). As such, a majority of the hops we use in our beers are from these two countries. Our main base malt from Coopers in South Australia is produced from single origin barley produced on Kangaroo Island, a local holiday destination close to where Sean grew up. We also enjoy incorporating a variety of Japanese ingredients in our beers such as locally grown raw wheat, locally roasted coffee, sansho, kumquats, and other seasonal fruit.

Australian and New Zealand style beers are big on both drinkability and flavor due to those country’s climates and the big impact hops produced there. We set out to make every beer very drinkable and big on flavour regardless of style and alcohol content. It is our hope that our beers will bring a smile to your face and a great conversation to be had with your family, colleagues and friends. Cheers mate!


One of our core values is "think global, act local." Together, humanity faces many different challenges on a global level, but we can work together at a local level to overcome them. One issue that is close to our hearts is the environmental protection of our water source, Lake Biwa. All too often a nice day out at the lake is spoilt with the rubbish that people leave behind. This rubbish gets into the waterways, affecting the local flora and fauna, and eventually comes back to bite us! We try to raise awareness of this by participating in rubbish clean up days at local beaches, and encouraging the participation of other local businesses. We also support sustainable traditional fishing on Lake Biwa, by buying and serving seasonal fish as part of our tapas menu at the Rabbit Hutch.

We are the first brewery in Japan to promote and participate in Movember. This is a leading global men's health charity focussing on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate and testicular cancer. Every year we make a slightly more "masculine" beer than usual (a smoked porter) and through the sales of this beer, raise money towards a Kansai-based prostate cancer support group. Our male staff grow moustache as best as they can, hence the name "Mo"vember. It's all a bit of fun but raising awareness and money towards a good cause.


We often get asked "why Omihachiman?" We stumbled upon the old historic canal town of Omihachiman whilst scouting a location somewhere around the co-ordinates of a gravity location model one of our founders made whilst studying at Kyoto University. We fell in love with the place and haven't looked back since. The brewery is located a stone's throw away from the historic main canal, and 10 minutes from Lake Biwa. It's a great place to visit, and a great place to live and brew beer!