Below you will find information about our beer menu, quick menu, and food menu.
Please order directly at the counter.
We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and Paypay.
We hope you enjoy your time with us.


Our regular, semi-regular, seasonal and special beers are available across 8 different taps.
Please see the blackboard for today's lineup. Recommendations are also made with the food menu below.

Pint ¥900
Half-pint ¥600
Takeout ¥600
Special +¥100/¥200


¥500 each
Chef's Selection of 3 ¥1,400
Chef's Selection of 5 ¥2,300

Spanish Omlette
Roast Beef
Olive Cocktail
Nama Ham & Apple Compot
Camembert Cheese
Chicken Caprese
House-made Pickles
Mixed Nuts


Beer-battered Fish & Chips

Half ¥700
Large ¥1,200

An Australian (and British) classic!
Deliciously flakey fish surrounded by a crispy batter made using our own beer. Served with hot chips, and a house-made tartare sauce.

Recommended Beer:
Pale Ale (Regular)

3 Kinds of Tacos


Beef, chicken, pork and chilli beans!
Made authentically using corn flour. Served with fresh salsa, salad, and chilli sauce
on the side.

Recommended Beer:
Kinkan Wit (Regular) or any IPA

Chicken & Mushroom Potato Glatin 


Chicken and shi-take mushrooms, covered in a creamy potato mash and of course melted cheese! A winter warmer!

Recommended Beer:
Rabbit Punch IPA (Semi-regular)

Japanese Braised Pork


Pork belly slowly cooked in soy sauce, sweet sake and ginger. Served with braised raddish, semi-soft boiled egg and potatoe salad.
Real Japanese soul food!

Recommended Beer:
Scotch Ale (Semi-regular),
or anything a little malty!

Wasabi Roast Beef Sandwhich


House-made roast beef, served on a croissant together with lettuce, tomato, cheese and a delicious wasabi mayonaise.
Served with hot chips.

Recommended Beer:
IPA (Regular), or one of our lagers

Belgian-style Hot Chips


Cooked to perfection,
served with ailoli (garlic) dip.

Recommended Beer:
whatever tickles your fancy!


Orange Juice
Oolong Tea

¥500 each


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